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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Ms Fran Haynes (2018 - ): Finding Freedom: Representations of liberation in the cultural and political productions of Nitty Scott, Immortal Technique and Tygapaw since 2016. (working title). Co-supervisor
  • Mr Shaun Salmon. (2016 -): Minnippean voices: Genre, rhetoric and character in satirical practice (working title). Associate Supervisor
  • Ms Mayyada Mhanna. (2014 - 2018): Caught in the frame: A critical analysis of Australian media representations of the Israeli Palestinian conflict 2014-2015. Principal Supervisor
  • Mr Ben Hale. (2014 - 2019): Forging a new consensus: NUMSA and ANC hegemony in flux in South Africa. Principal Supervisor
  • Mr Ifran Wahyudi. (completed 2013 - 2016). Participation in isolation: Female Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and media activism. Associate Supervisor.
  • Ms Fleur den Heuvel, (2010 - 2018): Muslim women in Australia and the Netherlands: A multimodal enquiry into television documentary representations. Principal Supervisor
  • Ms Lynsey Uridge (completed 2007 - 2015). The identity of the heart patient in the context of the gift economy: HeartNET and media framing. Principal Supervisor
  • Ms Hsin-pey Peng. (completed 2008 - 2013). The rise of regionalization in the Asian television industry: A case study of trendy drama. Principal Supervisor
  • Ms Kayt Davies (completed 2006 - 2009): Women's magazine editors: Story tellers and their cultural role. Associate Supervisor

Masters by Research:

  • Mr James Hall. (completed 2004 - 2008). Australia, March 2003: The Print Media, Democracy and the Decision to Invade Iraq. Principal Supervisor
  • Mr Andrew Douglas (completed 2014). The Australian Football League and the Closet. Associate Supervisor

Masters by Coursework: Principal Supervisor

  • Ms Ishita Singha Rana (2013 - 2014): A content analysis of merchandising within Bollywood (2000-2023).
  • Ms Joanne Yong. (2010 - 2011) Fragments:  Global identity through reflexivity, contingency and narrative in photographic practice-led research.
  • Ms Khui Hung Lee (2010 - 2011): The influence of queer theory on Transnational Chinese Cinema: Analysing the representation of homosexuality in Taiwanese films from 1990 - 2011.
  • Ms Fleur van den Heuvel (2006 - 2008): Women from Halal: The representation of Muslim women in Western Documentaries.
  • Ms Selene Ramirez Rodriques (2006 - 2008): Jesus on screen: An analysis of the representation of Jesus in film over 43 years.

Honours: Principal Supervisor

  • Mr Jacky Chih Hao Le. (completed 2018) Hard-core non-conformist attributes: A textual analysis of Donald Trump's name-calling tweets that feature the 'blue' Midwestern states (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) during the 2016 U.S. presidential race.
  • Ms Lorna Baker (completed 2017): Rock 'n' roll radio: A case study of 'tactics' and teenage identity in Perth, WA, 1955--1960.
  • Mr Andrew Couanis (2014): The crisis of the self in late modernity and role of spiritual self-help: A case study of Eckhart Tolle.
  • Ms Alex Engels (completed 2011): The impact of the Australian voluntary industry code of conduct on positive body image on the production of creative process in commercial fashion photography.
  • Ms Christina Ballicoa (completed 2009): Regulating the notes: A case study into the impact of government regulation on the live music performances of Perth's original contemporary musicians.
  • Mr Nigel Davenport (completed 2007): Virtual Worlds: a new paradigm for advertising?
  • Ms Kate Slattery (completed 2003): The children overboard event: Constructing family and nation through representations of the Other.